We'd love to hear from you! We aim to answer all emails within our normal business hours of M-F, 9-4pm.

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We'd love to hear from you! We aim to answer all emails within our normal business hours of M-F, 9-4pm.

[email protected]

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Navigating Neurodiversity

Book Your Free Orientation Meeting

Let’s talk about your child's needs and figure out what to do next.

This intro call is all about you. It's your opportunity to ask questions, share your thoughts, and discover how we can work together to help you and your child.

On this personalized session we'll delve into your unique situation, discuss any concerns or hesitations you may have, and determine the best path forward.

How We Can Help

Take an assessment

Help your child grow with our detailed assessments: from identifying specific developmental needs to restoring biochemical balance we give you a personal plan for visible results.

Enroll in a Course

Transform your neurodiversity parenting journey with our expert-led NeuroNurturing courses, tailored to empower you with practical tools and insights for lasting change.

Join the community

Join a nurturing space for understanding, guidance, and solidarity, with a network of like-minded parents and experts dedicated to empowering neurodiverse families.

one-to-one services

Families & Individuals Transitioning Coaching

Whether you're a parent navigating the complexities of neurodiversity, a family seeking balance and understanding, or an individual in transition, our expert coaches are here to empower you.

Through weekly sessions, we'll assess your goals, aspirations, and challenges, providing targeted advice, resources, and accountability to help you thrive.

Success begins with commitment and action. With our dedicated support and your determination, there's no challenge too great to overcome.

Free Guide

The 3 Reasons Why Everything You've Tried to Help Your Child With Autism Hasn't Worked and How to Fix it.

Download our experience-based guide.

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